Death to the Mean-Girl Mentality

I’ll admit, one of my biggest hesitations with getting into network marketing was the mean girls.

There are two types that you will encounter…the ANTI-MLM mean girl and the Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing mean girl.

Let’s start with the first type: The ANTI-MLM mean girl.

This person will tell you what you do is a scam. Only 1% of people involved “make it”. It’s a pyramid scheme. It takes advantage of old people and stay-at-home-moms and weak minded individuals. Anything you have to “buy in to” can’t be legit…

I have a rebuttal for each of those arguments, but I’m not going to get into that today because this isn’t an MLM-defense blog…this is a blog about leadership.

My thoughts are this…the ANTI-MLM mean girl was created by the second type of mean girl I mentioned above, the Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing mean girl.

The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing mean girl is all for themselves. They outwardly portray that they are uber-kind, caring and want to see everyone succeed. They call you pet names like “sweetie” and “hun”. They want you to believe that you are in their inner circle, but they are in fact just using you to grow THEIR business and grow THEIR self-confidence.

They tend to think that they are great leaders because they grow a large organization, but their organization is built solely on deceit.

Often times, these types of people convince you to “join” their growing team by making promises of success, but the only way one can be truly successful in this industry is by not only being a great leader, but learning from great leaders.

The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing mean girl will usually sign you up and then be helpful until they think you are a lost cause. If you are not a “rockstar” right off the bat, they will give up on you and eventually you’ll quit (and thus begins the birth of an ANTI-MLM mean girl).

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are massively successful, they will be green with envy. They will resent your success, wishing it was there own.

They are builders, NOT LEADERS.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing mean girl will NEVER find real, life-changing success.

Let me tell you story that I heard recently.

Once upon a time there was a man who had built an enormous network marketing team. His team consisted of 500,000 people. But that company ran into some trouble and eventually went under. The man began seeking out a new opportunity and approached an ambassador with with a different company.

“I’d like to join your team and I come with a team of over 500,000!”

The ambassador was over the moon! 500,000! She was already planning her retirement as she signed him up.

But what she didn’t know was that this man was a GREAT builder, NOT a GREAT LEADER.

When he started reaching out to his old team, 450,000 people never even returned his call. 40,000 had went with different companies. 9,950 people didn’t want to be on his team because they weren’t what they considered “successful” the first time. 42 said they’d think about it. And 8 signed up.

8 people out of 500,000 thought this man was a great leader. 8 people out of 500,000 were loyal to him.

Network marketing is so much more than selling products and recruiting. It is about being a leader and building leaders. If you want to be that 1% that finds massive success in the industry, you have to have a heart for people. You have to have the desire to see others succeed and find great pleasure in their success. You have to be helpful and kind and trustworthy and inspirational and motivational.

When you radiate those qualities, people will be LOYAL to you.

I know this post has had a main focus on network marketing, but these same rules apply for ANY industry.

The main reason people quit their job is because of management. They have someone standing over them all day long reprimanding them for the mistakes they make and never once praising them for the thousands of great things they accomplish every day.

The happiest employees come from workplaces where managers are great leaders.

If you have a mean girl mentality…if you feel like you are great at building a team but still struggle to connect and relate to the people on your team, I highly recommend looking inward and focusing on your own self growth before assuming that everyone else is the problem.

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