Lacey Parsons

Founder, Elite Legacy Leaders

Hi! I’m Lacey Parsons!

I am a work-from-home mama of one beautiful, spunky, tenacious little girl and the very proud wife of a veteran ARMY sergeant who is now the project manager for a commercial construction company.

Before I became a mom and a wife, I was a fearless freebird who lived out of a pickup and horse trailer and traveled all over the US to jackpot team ropings and rodeos. I had what I considered a DREAM JOB…but there was something missing.

At the advice of one of the greatest leaders and mentors I have ever known, I sold my Texas home, put my stuff into storage and traveled back home to “find myself”. While finding myself, I also found my husband!

Fast forward a couple of years…

I had quit the DREAM JOB and had just had our daughter. Life was good…it was GREAT, but I found myself STILL longing for more. I began looking for something I could do from home.

I started a social media management company and it felt like it took forever to build up a decent clientele, and just when things were looking really good, COVID hit! I lost multiple contracts and was left again looking for a way to contribute to my family’s income.

God heard my prayers and out of the blue, a good friend reached out to me with an opportunity to launch a brand new direct sales company.

I quickly realized that where most network marketing and direct sales entrepreneurs were lacking was in LEADERSHIP. Many people would be great at selling the opportunity and horrible about LEADING their teams once they had recruited someone.

That left many people angry, frustrated and failing.

It was then that I decided that to truly be successful, one would have to dig deep to develop their leadership skills, motivate, inspire and coach their teams to success.

Since making that decision, I have established the fastest growing, strongest, most successful team in the company!

If you would like to be a more successful leader personally or professionally, you are in the right place! I can’t wait to get to know you and help you make your dreams come true by becoming the leader you were always meant to be!

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